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From Don English, Executive Director

Collaboration is Key!

San Bernardino County Gangs & Drugs Task Force is committed to a strong leadership role in coordination, collaboration and communication between law enforcement, the criminal justice system, Social Services, education, probation, mental health, children and family services, elected officials, the community at large and private enterprise. The Gangs and Drugs Taskforce provides information and resources in an effort to prevent and stop the alarming trends that poison our neighborhoods and cripple our communities.

The world in which we live is filled with many hurdles that families must navigate. Many of our youth and their families have encountered situations in which they have been traumatized and need a tremendous amount of support, whether that be physically, mentally or emotionally. We, as a society/community, must provide hope for families.

Moving forward we All must come together as a society at large and Nation to assist all families in alleviating the climate of despair perpetuated by gangs and drugs in our communities. We must expect that together we can make a substantial impact in the lives of youth and their families. We will make a difference!